Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Private Channels for the Roku Digital Video Player

If you’ve bought a Roku digital video player or are considering buying one, you may be underwhelmed by the selection of channels in the Roku channel store. Fortunately, there are additional private channels available that can get more content onto your Roku. The best Roku private channels provide movies, TV episodes, sports, news and other content that isn't normally available on the Roku HD player.


The Archive.org private Roku channel gives you access to the free videos cataloged on the Internet Archive website. This is one of the best Roku channels for watching classic and older movies and TV episodes. Categories include Classic Cartoons, Animation Shorts, Classic TV, Comedy Films, Film Noir, Sci-Fi and Horror, Arts and Music, Computers and Tech, Cultural and Academic, Ephemeral Films, News and Public, Sports Videos, Vlogs, Youth Media and Religion. Most of the movies and TV shows on the Archive.org channel are old and classic. However, there is also some interesting newer independent and user-submitted content available in this channel. You can add this private channel to your Roku box with the code NMJS5.


Dailymotion is a website that hosts user-submitted videos. This is one of the best private Roku channels to replace the recently disabled YouTube channel. You can browse Dailymotion's featured or popular videos or browse categories such as News and Politics, Funny, Film and TV, Music, Auto-Moto, Travel, Arts, Gaming, Webcam and Vlogs, Sports and Extreme, Animals, People and Family, Tech and Science, College, Life and Style, Latino and more. You can also search for videos by keyword. The code for this Roku private channel is SNKQW.

Nowhere TV

The Nowhere TV private channel for the Roku provides free content from major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Current TV, HBO, Cartoon Network, MLB, NHL, NPR, PBS, HGTV, the Food Network and more. There's also content from the Internet Archive, NASA, BBC, Public Radio, and CNET. The content is organized both by category and by network, making it easy to find the shows you want to watch. You can add this private channel using the code H9DWC.

Instant Watch Browser for Netflix

The Instant Watch Browser for Netflix allows you to browse and search the Netflix library of instant streaming movies and TV shows. Although this Roku private channel isn't free, (it costs a one-time $2.99 fee) it has a lot to offer. You can use the paid Instant Watch Browser for Netflix channel to search for and add movies and TV shows to your Netflix instant queue. If you're not ready to shell out money for this channel, there is a lite version of the Instant Watch Browser for Netflix with certain features disabled, such as searching and adding items to your queue. Use the code NetflixIWB to add the paid channel to your Roku, and NetflixIWBLite to add the lite version. You can now also add this channel in the Roku channel store.

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